Saltz Mongeluzzi & Bendesky, Maritime Disaster Lawyers, Raise Safety Concerns After Yesterday’s Hudson River Drowning Deaths

Leading national maritime disaster attorneys Robert J. Mongeluzzi and Jeffrey Goodman, from Saltz Mongeluzzi & Bendesky, are raising numerous safety concerns following the private charter passenger boat, Stimulus Money, incident yesterday afternoon on the Hudson River, in Midtown Manhattan, that resulted in the drowning deaths of two of the capsized vessel’s 12 passengers, a seven-year-old boy and a 47-year-old woman, according to published reports.

“We are deeply saddened by this catastrophe,” said SMB partner and maritime safety advocate Jeffrey P. Goodman. “We expect, based on past experience, that investigators will be heavily focused on this vessel’s capacity limit and issues of possible overloading. Every passenger vessel has a capacity limit. Overloading boats compromises stability and places all passengers in harm’s way. Additionally, we expect investigators to explore whether the vessel had an adequate number of child and adult lifejackets available for all passengers.”

Saltz Mongeluzzi & Bendesky PC has been lead counsel on behalf of victim families in numerous high-profile maritime tragedies over the last decade including: the sinking of the Conception Dive Boat in California in 2019 where 34 people died, the sinking of a Duck Boat in Missouri in 2018 where 17 people died, the sinking of a pleasure craft on Oyster Bay, Long Island in 2012 where 3 children died, and the barge accident on the Delaware River of 2010 where 2 children died.

For more information on SMB and its history representing clients of maritime disasters, visit Mr. Mongeluzzi and Mr. Goodman can be reached via email and phone.

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