Fraternity Hazing

SMB has extensive experience fighting for answers and compensation for the families of students who are seriously injured or killed as a result of fraternity hazing rituals and other accidents on college campuses.

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Some of the common incidents that lead to injuries on college campuses include:

  • Alcohol poisoning
  • Alcohol or Drug-related accidents
  • Fights
  • Failure to immediately seek medical care for a sick or injured fraternity member

How many of our children are going to be catastrophically injured or killed because the fraternities they rely upon failed them, failed in their essential mission of brotherhood? When will it end? And how will it stop? And how will the fraternity system change itself to prevent this from ever happening again? Enough is enough.

Robert J. Mongeluzzi

When students arrive on college campuses, fraternities and sororities push recruitment by promising a life of comradery, fun, friends, parties, and everything that a student wants to get out of college. Fraternities, in particular, make assurances to prospective members of “a lifetime of brotherhood” to attract the best and the brightest students to pledge. Too often these are empty promises.

Some fraternities pressure their recruits to go through reckless and disastrous hazing rituals involving dangerous levels of binge drinking with little to no consideration for their members’ safety. There have been far too many recent incidents where a fraternity’s neglect and abandonment of one of its members had catastrophic consequences. Too often a young man’s opportunity to lead the full and productive life he deserves is cut short because a fraternity failed to protect and care for its member.

Proven Commitment

SMB’s trial lawyers are leading the charge against the leaders of dangerous fraternities and sororities nationwide to send a message that the old ways of running their organizations will not be tolerated. Fraternities and sororities that recklessly place their members in dangerous situations without accounting for their safety in a time of crisis must be held accountable for their failures.

Speaking on behalf of the family of a Drexel University student who is suffering from lifelong injuries as the result of his fraternity’s recklessness, SMB founder, Robert Mongeluzzi conveyed the family’s wishes to change the fraternity culture:

The number one reason why the parents brought this lawsuit and held the press conference was to educate the college population, that when a brother or sister is in trouble, call 911. If someone is knocked out, if someone is vomiting, if someone is in trouble, call 911. This is the message: Brother in trouble, 9-1-1 on the double. It takes a second, one second, to call 9-1-1, and help is on its way. And that’s the message that this family wants to send to every fraternity.

SMB works tenaciously to help the victims of hazing and other college campus accidents receive all of the compensation they deserve, including damages for pain and suffering, emotional trauma, medical costs, lost income, and future earnings. If you have been injured, or a family member has been injured or killed, as the result of fraternity or sorority hazing or another accident on a college campus, SMB can help.

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