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The medical device company Exactech recently issued a recall for thousands of plastic inserts used in its knee, ankle, and hip replacement systems. The inserts were defectively packaged, leading to premature failure of the knee, ankle, and hip devices and the need for revision surgery.

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If you received a partial or total knee replacement, ankle replacement, or hip replacement using recalled parts manufactured by the orthopedic device company Exactech, you may be eligible for compensation. Please contact your surgeon to confirm the name and serial number of the medical device components used in your knee, ankle, or hip replacement surgery and to determine whether your device was subject to the recent recalls.

I have spent over 40 years representing victims of defective products and medical devices. I am here to help you or your loved one navigate the complex waters in your fight to obtain compensation from Exactech for selling defective orthopedic implants.

Lawrence R. Cohan


In February 2022, Exactech issued an Urgent Medical Device Correction Notice alerting doctors that Exactech knee inserts manufactured between 2004 and 2022 and Exactech ankle inserts manufactured between 2017 and 2022 were defectively packaged and were subject to premature failure. In addition to the knee and ankle device recalls, Exactech issued a recall of its hip replacement system in June 2021. While a letter was provided to surgeons alerting them to the recall of these devices, Exactech did not send recall letters directly to patients. Exactech knee, hip, and ankle replacement patients must take the crucial first step of determining whether their device is impacted by the Exactech recall. This information can be obtained from medical records or by contacting your surgeon’s office for confirmation. A complete list of the affected systems is below:

  • Exactech OPTETRAK® Knee Replacement System
  • Exactech OPTETRAK LOGIC® Knee Replacement System
  • Exactech TRULIANT® Knee Replacement System
  • Exactech VANTAGE® Ankle Replacement System
  • Exactech CONNEXION GXL® Hip Replacement System


Medical device registry reports from Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand showed that patients who had surgeries using Exactech’s recalled components required revision surgeries at significantly higher rates. The source of the problem with these devices is the defective packaging. Oxygen was able to enter the packaging and diffuse into the insert, which can lead to what is known as “oxidation” of the component, causing it to breakdown and fail prematurely. In the United States, over 140,000 Exactech inserts, used in partial and total knee replacements as well as total ankle replacements, are affected by the recall. Over 90,000 Exactech inserts used in hip replacements are affected by the recall.


Exactech’s failure to protect these inserts from premature oxidation and premature degradation can lead to early device failure and the need for revision surgery. Because the vacuum packaging bags did not contain a sufficient barrier to oxygen, the mechanical properties of the inserts were severely degraded. This can lead to bone loss, component loosening, cracking, or fracturing. Patients implanted with these recalled devices can experience any number of distressing symptoms:

  • New, recurrent, or worsening swelling of the knee or ankle
  • Pain while walking
  • Inability to bear weight
  • Grinding or other noise
  • Instability
  • Any new symptoms of clicking in knee or ankle


  • Contact your healthcare provider to determine if any of the recalled Exactech devices were used in your knee, ankle, or hip replacement surgery.
  • Call the attorneys at Saltz Mongeluzzi & Bendesky PC or fill out our online contact form.


SMB is actively pursuing litigation against Exactech for its failures to protect patients. Led by partner Larry Cohan, SMB represents patients who had a partial or total knee, ankle, or hip replacement surgery performed between 2004 and 2022, using the defective, recalled Exactech components. Larry is a leader in complex mass tort cases, including those involving recalled medical devices.

Medical device recalls require legal counsel with a special set of skills. Larry and his team have represented victims of medical devices for decades. In addition to Larry’s service on the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee in the Ethicon Morcellator medical device litigation, In Re: Power Morcellator Products Liability Litigation, MDL No. 2652, Larry and his team have represented individuals injured by defective Da Vinci Robotic surgical devices, Pinnacle hip implants, Alloderm hernia implants, NexGen knee implants, Baxter kidney dialysis components, Mirena IUDs, and more.


SMB partner Larry Cohan has fought for decades on behalf of people hurt by corporate negligence and wrongdoing. SMB is a firm of trial lawyers who have unique experience handling complex product liability and medical device cases. We have represented victims of corporate negligence involving a variety of defective medical devices, including hip devices, knee devices, kidney dialysis devices, and devices used in hysterectomies. In addition to our work on medical device litigation, SMB and partner Larry Cohan regularly handle cases on behalf of victims of asbestos, benzene, and lead poisoning, and have represented cancer victims who were harmed by herbicides Roundup and Paraquat and toxins like PFAS. SMB’s partners currently sit on the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee in the PFAS Water Contamination Multidistrict Litigation and represent hundreds of plaintiffs in the 3M Combat Arms Military Earplug Litigation. SMB has been at the center of representing victims in major disasters including the Philadelphia Salvation Army Building Collapse ($227 million settlement) the Amtrak 188 derailment ($265 million settlement) and the Tropicana Garage Collapse ($101 million settlement). If you or a loved one have received an Exactech knee, ankle, or hip replacement, and are experiencing complications, contact SMB today. For nearly 25 years, SMB has been taking on massive corporations on behalf of injured victims—and we have recovered over $2 billion dollars for injured victims in the process. Please complete our online contact form or contact SMB attorney Joshua C. Cohan at 215-575-3994 or jcohan@smbb.com, who manages our Exactech Team.

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