Leading Construction Catastrophe Trial Lawyers Available To Discuss Today’s Dual-Crane Disaster In Austin, Texas

AUSTIN, TX (September 16, 2020) Trial attorneys from Saltz Mongeluzzi & Bendesky (SMB), national authorities on catastrophic building construction and crane failures, such as today’s mass-casualty, dual-crane disaster in suburban Austin, Texas, today, are available to discuss the incident with members of the media.

SMB lawyers Robert J. Mongeluzzi and David L. Kwass, partners in the Philadelphia-based firm (www.smbb.com) are veteran litigators representing victims of crane failures and advocating nationally for the highest levels of crane and construction-site safety.

Based on initial reports from the scene, including the disturbing images of the collided cranes and dangling crane arm, we know such a tragedy cannot occur if there’s proper safety planning and implementation. While too soon to know the exact cause, it is not too early to categorically state that this type of incident – resulting in at least nearly a dozen injuries – doesn’t happen if there’s proper construction site safety planning and supervision.

Attorneys Mongeluzzi and Kwass

Based on their extensive experience litigating complex, catastrophic construction-related cases, including those involving various types of structural collapse and equipment/mechanical failures, Mr. Mongeluzzi and Mr. Kwass frequently lecture and publish regarding the legal aspects, including safe construction practice. Members of their rapid response legal team include SMB partners Andrew R. Duffy and Jeffrey P. Goodman.

Robert J. Mongeluzzi / 215.850.6571 / rmongeluzzi@smbb.com
David L. Kwass / 215.518.0467 / dlkwass@smbb.com
Steph Rosenfeld / 215.514.4101 / steph@idadvisors.com

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