6 Injured After Septa Trolley Collides With Freight Train in Darby, Pennsylvania

Six people were injured on Thursday morning when a SEPTA trolley collided with a freight train at the intersection of S. 6th and Main Street in Darby Township, Delaware County.

At the time of the accident, approximately twenty people were on board the trolley. The driver of the trolley was among the six injured persons who were taken to the hospital following the crash. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the incident.

At all locations where trains cross public roadways, the crossing should be designed to include warnings to alert the public that a train is approaching. Train conductors must also take the necessary steps to ensure that a collision does not occur, including the use of required signals, lights, and other warnings to alert the public to avoid the tracks as the train crosses the roadway.

SMB regularly handles cases involving dangerous railroad crossings, and has handled some of the most catastrophic railway derailments in cases across the country.

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