Fraternity Turns It’s Back on Drexel Student Resulting In Brain Injury

Ian McGibbon thought his Pi Kappa Phi fraternity at Drexel University would be a great home away from his suburban Philadelphia home while he pursued a business degree at Drexel University.

A former multi-sport standout high school athlete known for his team play, Ian was particularly attracted to PKP’s mission of a “lifetime of brotherhood”. Tragically, in 2015 his fraternity’s failure to live up to its mission almost killed him. As 23-year-old Ian McGibbon fights to recover from devastating injuries, his family fights for justice.

Ian’s parents, recalling Ian’s life before the incident and commenting on the filing, stated, “Ian loved everybody and everybody loved Ian. His joy was infectious, as any of his friends and teammates would tell you. Can you imagine what it was like when he didn’t come home that night and we drove to the fraternity only to find him bloodied, covered in vomit and unconscious? Ten hours passed and no one called 911. Four brain surgeries later we’re still haunted by the question, “Why didn’t anybody call for help?”

They are also hoping that eyewitnesses to the altercation, including two women seen on surveillance-camera footage, come forward to share their accounts of what occurred. “No one called 911 when Ian needed their help the most, but it is not too late to do the right thing and come forward.”

Mr. Mongeluzzi, SMB attorneys Larry Bendesky, and Mr. Pantano, along with co-counsel Steven D. Gitman, represent the family.

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