SMB Attorneys Secured a $1,975,000 Settlement on Behalf of a Commercial Truck Driver

On December 6, 2021, SMB attorneys Adam J. Pantano and Scott A. Fellmeth secured a $1,975,000 settlement on behalf of a commercial truck driver who was injured when his right foot was run over at a defendant’s warehouse facility.

On the afternoon of the accident, the truck driver arrived at the facility to pick up pallets of product. After the defendants’ forklift operator stacked a few pallets and exited the trailer, the truck driver went into his trailer to reposition the pallets. Unbeknownst to the truck driver, the forklift operator negligently re-entered the trailer and dropped its fork onto the truck driver’s right foot. The forklift operator re-entered the trailer despite the truck driver communicating that he was entering and despite the forklift operator observing the truck driver entering.

The truck driver suffered a crushed right foot, complex regional pain syndrome, impaired mobility, gait dysfunction, and other orthopedic injuries.

The defendants denied liability, Plaintiff’s version of the facts, and claimed that the truck driver was at fault for the accident.

The case was successfully resolved at mediation.

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