$8,900,000 Settlement Secured On Behalf of the Estate of Grace Packer

An $8,900,000 settlement was paid to the Estate of Grace Packer following a lifetime of pain and suffering, ending with the brutal murder of Grace.

Saltz Mongeluzzi & Bendesky P.C. attorneys Larry Bendesky, Adam J. Pantano, and Scott A. Fellmeth have secured an $8.9 million settlement on behalf of the Estate of Grace Packer.

Grace endured a lifetime of unimaginable pain and suffering, and was brutally murdered and dismembered by her adoptive mother, Sara Packer, and Sara Packer’s boyfriend, Jacob Sullivan. Grace was allowed to remain in the care of Sara Packer throughout her life due to the carelessness and recklessness of entities that provided various services to Grace throughout her life.

In 2004, Grace was placed into the care of Sara and David Packer. In March 2007, when she was six (6) years old, Sara and David Packer formally adopted Grace. On two (2) separate occasions Grace’s foster siblings reported to the foster and adoption agencies that Grace was being regularly abused by the Packers.

In September 2010, when Grace was nine (9) years old, David Packer was charged with raping Grace and another minor female foster child in the Packer home. Sara Packer was “indicated” by ChildLine, meaning that she had been investigated as a perpetrator of child abuse and was aware of it occurring in the Packer home. Despite this, Grace was allowed to return to live with Sara Packer.

In 2013, Jacob Sullivan, Sara Packer’s boyfriend, moved into the Packer home.  On July 8, 2016, Sara Packer and Jacob Sullivan carried out their rape-murder fantasy and brought Grace to a rented home in Bucks County. Once there, Jacob Sullivan violently raped Grace while Sara Packer watched. Grace was then gagged, drugged and thrown into the house’s attic closet to die. The following day, Sara Packer and Jacob Sullivan returned to the attic and discovered that Grace was still alive.  Jacob Sullivan strangled Grace to death while Sara Packer watched. On July 11, 2016, Sara Packer and Jacob Sullivan bought a bow saw and dismembered Grace’s body, eventually dumping her body parts in Luzerne County. On October 31, 2016, Grace’s mutilated body parts were discovered by hunters.

The failures surrounding Grace were so egregious that the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services investigated and issued a scathing report that made sweeping changes to the Commonwealth’s child welfare system.

On June 29, 2018, on behalf of Grace’s Estate, Saltz Mongeluzzi & Bendesky P.C. filed a Complaint in Philadelphia County alleging negligence, negligence per se, wrongful death and survival act claims against three (3) Defendants that provided foster, adoption and behavioral health services to Grace throughout her life.  The settlement was reached prior to the case being listed for trial.

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