$1,750,000 Settlement on Behalf of a Tractor Trailer Driver Injured After Falling From Vehicle Cab

On April 14, 2021, SMB attorneys Larry Bendesky, Robert Zimmerman and Jordan Howell secured a $1,750,000 settlement on behalf of a tractor trailer driver in Northeast Pennsylvania who was injured when exiting the cab of his vehicle.

Due to the negligence of a nearby machine operator who jostled the tractor trailer, the injured employee lost his balance, fell 3-6 feet, and suffered a 4-5 inch laceration on his thigh. The cut developed an infection that led to angioedema, a skin condition that can lead to swelling throughout the body.

The Defendant argued the Plaintiff’s fall from his cab was not related in any way to the nearby machine operator, and was rather due to the Plaintiff failing to maintain 3 points of contact when exiting his cab. Defendant also argued through expert reports that Plaintiff’s angioedema developed months after the accident was unrelated and the result of an allergic reaction to unrelated medications.

The case was successfully resolved prior to the Pre-Trial Conference, where a trial date was expected to be set for early 2022.

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