$16,500,000 – $16.5 Million Class Action Settlement About Certain DuraPro™ Toilet Connectors With Plastic Coupling Nuts

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., June 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The following is being jointly released by the parties in the class action lawsuit captioned, Ajose, et al. v. Interline Brands, Inc., Case No. 3:14-CV-1707, pending in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee.

Interline Brands, Inc. (Interline) and Jacqueline Ajose, et al. (Plaintiffs) announced a $16.5 million settlement to resolve a nationwide class action lawsuit related to certain flexible hoses that connect a toilet to a home’s water supply that were distributed by Interline under the DuraPro™ brand name. Plaintiffs alleged that the plastic coupling nut connecting these “toilet connectors” to the home’s water supply could fail due to defects in its design, causing leaks and resulting property damage.

“This class action settlement provides value and peace of mind to members of the Class,” said Simon Paris, lead counsel for the Class.

The Class includes those that own or owned, or lease or leased, a residence or other structure located in the United States containing, or who otherwise suffered property damages from the failure of, one of these toilet connectors. The DuraPro™ toilet connectors at issue had plastic coupling nuts with either a six-ribbed design or a bi-wing design and were sourced by Interline through Linx, Ltd. or MTD (USA) Corp.

“Although we strongly believe there is no defect in the product, this agreement helps customers who have experienced damage they believe was caused by a failure of the coupling nut on one of these toilet connectors, while also reassuring customers whose connectors have worked perfectly,” said Mark Allen, Senior Director Global Sourcing for Interline.

Paris explained that if the class action settlement is approved by the District Judge presiding over the matter in the Middle District of Tennessee, a fund will be established that will be distributed to eligible members of the class. Persons who have experienced water damage from failures of the coupling nuts on these toilet connectors will be able to make a claim to be reimbursed (from the fund) for up to 30% of their documented property damage. Customers whose connectors have not failed may replace these toilet connectors and file a claim to be reimbursed $4 each for up to five (5) toilet connectors they replace. “We see this as a win for the Class, who now can obtain monetary relief for property damage or prevent potential damage by replacing those toilet connectors while being reimbursed through this Settlement,” Paris stated.

The total Settlement amount of $16.5 million will pay class members for replacement of toilet connectors and reimbursement of water damage repairs, as detailed in the Settlement Agreement, and will cover notice, settlement administration expenses, and attorneys’ fees and expenses as ordered by the Court. The Settlement is subject to final court approval, which will be the subject of a hearing currently scheduled on October 19, 2018. Also, class members have until August 20, 2018, to exclude themselves from the litigation or object to the Settlement.

For more information or to obtain a Claim Form, visit the Settlement website, www.DuraProToiletConnectorSettlement.com, or call 1-855-349-6393.

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