Roof Accidents

Even though the construction industry has widely accepted—and effective—methods of reducing the chance that workers will fall off or through roofs, more than 100 US workers die each year in roof accidents. In fact, the fatalities from roof accidents account for one-third of all construction worker deaths from falls. And falls from heights are the most common cause of injury among building trade professionals working on roofing surfaces.

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SMB represents more roof accident victims than any other law firm in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. SMB attorneys have extensive experience representing the victims of the most common types of roof accidents, including:

  • Falls off the edges of roofs
  • Falls through holes in roofs

Unmatched Results

SMB has secured numerous multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements for our roof accident clients, including:

  • $14,000,000 settlement for roofer who suffered traumatic brain injury at worksite
  • $12,000,000 settlement for a roofer who was left quadriplegic after falling 40 feet
  • $8,500,000 settlement for roofer paralyzed after backing off a roof
  • $5,900,000 settlement for roofer who fell through hole at worksite
  • $4,950,000 settlement for roofer rendered paraplegic after 40-foot fall through decaying roof

Unmatched Experience

SMB’s attorneys understand the safety measures necessary to protect the men and women working at dangerous heights to install, remove and repair roofing material on our homes, office buildings, and commercial centers.

When an injured roofer—or the family of a deceased roofer—files a lawsuit, contractors often claim that the roofer was at fault. In these complex cases, SMB’s attorneys rely upon both their extensive experience in roof accident cases and the knowledge of leading construction safety experts to closely scrutinize the contractor’s conduct. For example: Were all OSHA regulations and industry standards met? Did the general contractor fulfill its contractual obligations to provide for worker safety?

If our client’s fall was off the edge of a roof, we want to know:

  • Was the edge clearly marked by warning flags?
  • Was a safety monitor posted to warn roofers they were nearing the edge?
  • Were roofers appropriately tied off?

If the fall was through a hole in the roof we want to know: Was the hole properly covered up or barricaded?

Unmatched Compensation

SMB casts a wide net for potential defendants in any roof accident case. Property owners, general contractors, contractors, construction managers, and equipment and roofing material manufacturers may all be liable for a roofing accident. SMB will work tenaciously to help you get all the compensation to which you may be entitled, including compensation for pain and suffering, emotional trauma, medical costs, lost income, and future earnings.

If you have been injured, or a family member has been injured or killed, as a result of a roofing accident, SMB is committed to obtaining all the results you need and deserve.

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