Trop Opens Skywalk, Other Half Of Garage

ATLANTIC CITY – Tropicana Casino & Resort took another step toward normalcy Tuesday afternoon, when authorities allowed the casino to reopen thewalkway over Pacific Avenue and the other half of its parking garage.

Both facilities had been closed since Oct. 30, when an adjacent Tropicana garage under construction collapsed and killed four workers. Authorities initially closed Tropicana’s 604-room West Tower hotel, the existing 2,l5O-space garage and the skywalk, fearing that a wobbly. L00-foot-high concrete wall left freestanding after the collapse could come crashing down.

The West Tower and 1,200 garage spaces reopened Thursday, a week after the collapse. But with the elevated walkway closed, West Tower guests and self-parking motorists had to walk across Pacific Avenue to access their rooms and cars.

The walkway opening allowed Tropicana to resume West Tower room service; only butler service to the penthouse suites had been offered since Thursday.

Now, only Tropicana’s bus terminal, located inside the garage, remains closed as a result of the collapse. The bus entrance is located on Brighton Avenue, which remains blocked by police and likely will be for some time.

Tropicana is staging its bus operations from a tent pitched on a Morris Avenue surface lot. An average of 82 buses arrived daily at Tropicana through the first six months this year.

“Our employees have come together from all areas to assist the management of the areas most affected including hotel operations, parking and bus operations,” Tropicana spokeswoman Maureen Sihlan said.

“Our guests have been very supportive and understanding of the situation. Indeed, they are inconvenienced but we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to get from the parking facility into the hotel lobby, including staging employee greeters along the way and posting detailed directional signage,” she said.

Siman would not say how the accident disruption has affected Tropicana’s business.

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