Trial Attorneys Tom Kline And Robert Mongeluzzi On Lirr Train Derailment This Morning In Brooklyn’S Atlantic Terminal

Trial Attorneys Tom Kline and Robert Mongeluzzi on LIRR Train Derailment This Morning in Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal


Kline & Specter, P.C. and Saltz, Mongeluzzi & Bendesky, P.C.

Philadelphia, PA (January 4, 2017) – Another year and another commuter rail morning rush-hour derailment that trial lawyers Thomas R. Kline and Robert J. Mongeluzzi say sounds eerily similar to last September’s New Jersey Transit (NJT) Hoboken Terminal fatal incident.

“Thankfully, initial reports of today’s incident are of no life-threatening injuries,” said Kline (of Kline & Specter) and Mongeluzzi (of Saltz, Mongeluzzi & Bendesky), “but this latest derailment in a major rail transportation hub – just miles away from Hoboken Terminal – again shakes to the core the confidence of commuters and riders.” The lawyers, whose firms represent numerous train-crash victims -including the 34-year-old woman who died as a result of the NJT derailment in the Hoboken Terminal – said strict compliance with speed regulations and the lack of automatic braking systems – is always the first concern in such incidents.”

They added, “It could take a year before federal investigators finally conclude what happened this morning at the station that in 1996 was the scene of another LIRR derailment when a train crashed through the bumper block,” said the attorneys. “But we all know now the obvious about this morning: it was going too fast and only came to a stop after it crashed through the bumper. That is just not acceptable under any circumstances.”

The two law firms were also the first to file complaints on behalf of injured passengers in the May 12, 2015 Amtrak Train No. 188 fatal Philadelphia derailment, and also represent one of the victims of the April 3, 2016 Amtrak Train No. 89 crash that killed two Amtrak track workers near Chester, Pennsylvania.

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