Three Killed and Two Injured in California Amtrak Train Crash

Three were killed and two were injured in Brentwood of Northern California on Sunday after an Amtrak train slammed into a car crossing train tracks. One of the injured was airlifted to nearby John Muir Health. The other was a child who was also critically injured. 
A local fire marshall indicated that this type of accident was all too common at the rail crossing. His department responds to multiple accidents per year at this location along the BNSF-owned track. Despite the fact that Amtrak trains travel up to 80 mph along this stretch, the crossing is entirely unprotected. 
SMB has handled dozens of train track accidents across the country, and has led the country’s largest litigations against Amtrak. SMB secured a record-setting $265M for the victims of the Philadelphia Amtrak crash, significant settlements for victims of other crashes, and currently represents the victims of the Montana Amtrak disaster, which also occurred along a BNSF roadway. Attorneys Bob Mongeluzzi, Jeff Goodman, and Aidan Carickhoff are standing by and available to comment as this tragic situation develops. 

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