Statement Regarding Pittsburgh Zoo Wrongful Death Litigation

The Derkosh family is grateful to the individuals – including persons knowledgeable of the Zoo – who have courageously contacted us (some anonymously) regarding the wrongful death complaint (Allegheny County court of Common Pleas No. GD-13-009348) filed May 23, 2013, on behalf of Maddox. Like Maddox’s parents, these concerned local citizens wanted to ensure that what happened to Maddox cannot happen to another child at the Pittsburgh Zoo, or any other zoo. They want permanent corrective measures enacted for the safety of every zoo visitor. We ask that anyone with information, whether a Zoo visitor, Zoo volunteer, non-management Zoo employee, or any former Zoo employee, contact us with any information, including photos or videos of the African Wild Dog exhibit, prior warnings to the Zoo, eyewitness accounts or any other relevant information. We can be reached confidentially by telephone or via email at any one of the numbers and addresses listed below. Thank you.

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