Statement of SMB Regarding Council Report

There is no doubt that City Council worked hard in formulating proposed reforms for the benefit and safety of all of our citizens. We concur with City Council’s recommendations for more robust training of contractors, inspectors and workers. We agree that there should be a requirement for a site specific safety plan and an on-site independent safety contractor . We applaud the requirement that an engineering survey be submitted with the permit and that contractors whose work can affect our lives be prequalified.

However, we believe that an independent blue ribbon commission be created to address these and other issues that were not analyzed. We strongly urge the elimination of the expediter system that would continue to allow unsafe contractors to hide behind the experience of others and that creates two classes of contractors- those that are connected and those that are not. Licenses & Inspections is a technical Department deeply involved in the oversight of engineering issues. It should be headed by a licensed Professional Engineer. All future L & I Commissioners should be chosen based on their professional qualifications.

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