Statement Of Nancy Winkler And Jay Bryan Following Guilty Plea Of Sean Benschop

We Have Suffered A Terrible Loss; Our Daughter, Anne Bryan, Was Killed. The Loss Of A Child Is Incomprehensible For Any Parent; And Our Pain Is Compounded With The Knowledge That So Many People, Businesses, And Organizations Were Either Involved, Knew Of, And/Or Chose To Ignore The Looming, Deadly Danger. Sean Benschop’S Conduct Was Unforgiveable.  But Others Played A Role In Killing Our Daughter And Have Yet To Be Held Accountable. We Will Not Rest Until Everyone Responsible For Anne’S Death And The Deaths Of The Other Victims Are Held Accountable To The Fullest Extent Of The Law.  We Continue To Wait For All Those Responsible To Break Their Silence And Answer Questions About Their Outrageous Conduct Leading Up To The Fatal Building Collapse. The Waiting And Uncertainty Is Deeply Troubling. Bringing The Full Story To Light  So The Public Will Know  What Occurred Is Not Just In Our Personal Interest, But That Of All The Citizens Of Our City.

The above statement was issued on behalf of Ms. Winkler and Mr. Bryan, parents of Anne Bryan, by their legal representative – Saltz, Mongeluzzi & Bendesky, P.C.

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