SMB Leads Class Action Against Jeep “Death Wobble” Defect

SMB lawyers beat Fiat Chrysler America’s attempts to have a class action dismissed alleging that Jeep Wranglers contain a latent defect known as the “Death Wobble.”

When operated at highway speeds, and due to a latent defect in the Jeep’s design, the steering column will violently shake and shimmy to the point where the vehicle feels uncontrollable. To stop this phenomenon, the driver is forced to bring the vehicle to a near-complete stop.  SMB filed a class action on behalf of Jeep owners around the Country seeking redress for this known, but undisclosed defect. FCA sought to have the action dismissed in its entirety. The Court ruled in SMB’s favor on June 30, 2021, and the litigation will now proceed into the discovery phase.

If you would like to learn more about this lawsuit, contact SMB Partner, Patrick Howard at or 215.575.3895.

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