SMB Attorneys Recover More Than $58 Million for a Client as Part of the First Nationwide Opioid Settlements

SMB Attorneys Recover More Than $58 Million for a Client as Part of the First Nationwide Opioid Settlements

SMB partners, Carmen P. Belefonte, Esq. and Patrick Howard, Esq., played a key role in negotiations with the Attorney General’s office to ensure Delaware County’s litigation efforts were recognized. As a result, Delaware County was rewarded with a significant bonus from the state’s recovery for having engaged in costly and time-consuming litigation. SMB’s lawyers continue to litigate claims against the remaining non-settling defendants, including opioid manufacturers, distributors, and retail pharmacy chains.

SMB partner, Mr. Belefonte said, “the litigation has been tedious and hard fought at every turn by well-healed defendants and their lawyers, we are pleased that Delaware County is going to get some relief to help curb this most serious problem. We intend to keep moving forward with the litigation on behalf of the County to bring additional resources to aid the effort to combat the opioid crisis.” SMB partner, Mr. Howard said, “it has been repeated countless times that the opioid litigation is likely the most complex piece of litigation ever handled. I am pleased that our efforts, together with those of AG Shapiro and his staff, were able to get this much needed assistance to the County.”

In September 2017, SMB and SHC filed the first civil action in Pennsylvania on behalf of Delaware County against those who were alleged to have played a part in the nation’s opioid epidemic. Since that filing, more than 70 Pennsylvania counties, municipalities, district attorneys and townships have filed suit, all which are consolidated in the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas. Delaware County was selected by the Court to serve as one of the test litigation cases. As part of the effort, SMB and SHC have collected, and continue to collect, review and produce millions of pages of documents as well as present testimony from dozens of witnesses as part of the County’s effort to hold the defendants accountable and recover additional monies to help address the opioid epidemic.

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