Road Construction Worker Killed in Accident on Pennsylvania Turnpike

Pennsylvania State Police reported today that a road construction worker was fatally injured in a construction accident that occurred on the Pennsylvania Turnpike near the Lansdale exit. According to the police, the worker was not killed by a vehicle traveling on the Turnpike or as a result of a traffic incident.

Drew Duffy, SMB partner and one of the practice leaders of the Firm’s Construction Accident team, commented on today’s tragedy:

Workers who build, repair, and maintain our highways are always at risk from the numerous pieces of heavy equipment operating in tight spaces next to the road. The constant danger from vehicles passing at high speed only compounds the safety issues that must be carefully managed in these work zones.

Our heart goes out to the family of the worker who appears to be the latest victim of the construction industry’s lax safety standards in roadside work zones. With Pennsylvania consistently ranking third among the 50 states in the annual number of road worker accident fatalities, it’s imperative that the industry do a better job of reducing its workers’ risk of serious injury and death.

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