Regarding Today’s License Revocation of Quadrangle Senior Living

PHILADELPHIA, PA (April29, 2011) – We represent Lois McAllister, who, according
to the state Department of Public Welfare (DPW) was assaulted, bullied, and taunted by her supposed nursing home workers while she was a resident of Quadrangle Senior

Her family, which strongly suspected and reported to administrators her
mistreatment, and secretly videotaped the horrific abuse when they were not taken seriously, is deeply gratified by DPW’s action. They note that the agency revoked the home’s license due to “gross incompetence, negligence and misconduct” and “because of a management culture” that allowed the abuse to occur. The family is concerned about the well being of all current residents of the Quadrangle and appreciates the outpouring of
support from the public. While they attend to Mrs. McAllister during this very trying period, the family has authorized us to be available on their behalf to the media at the law firm offices on the 52nd floor of One Liberty.

Steph Rosenfeld

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