Rangers Fan Beaten in South Philly Sues Attacker and Neighborhood Bar

The New York Rangers fan beaten by a Philadelphia Flyers fan after last year’s Winter Classic has filed a civil lawsuit.

The suit, brought by Woodbridge, NJ police officer and Iraq war veteran Neal Auricchio (center of photo below) seeks damages from his admitted attacker, Flyers fan Dennis Veteri of Glassboro, NJ (see related story), and the South Philly Bar and Grill on Passyunk Avenue, where Veteri ran up a $226 tab before the confrontation outside Geno’s steaks.

(Attorney Raymond Gill, left, announces civil suit with Neal Auricchio and wife, Maria Auricchio. Credit: Mike DeNardo)

Cell phone video of Auricchio being knocked unconscious went viral (see related story). Auricchio says he filed the suit because he believed he’s become the poster child for fan-on-fan violence.

“I felt I could use this platform to kind of build awareness and hopefully, down the road, prevent incidents like this, because it’s an ongoing epidemic in this country that needs to stop,” he said today.

Auricchio is back at work but says he still suffers headaches and blurry vision.

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