One Dead, Five Injured After Philadelphia Building Catches Fire Then Collapses

A Philadelphia firefighter has died, and at least 5 others were seriously injured after being buried alive in the collapsing building’s rubble.
Reports indicate that authorities from at least nine agencies responded to a building fire in Philadelphia’s Fairhill neighborhood in the early morning hours of June 18.  While authorities were battling the blaze, the three-story structure collapsed, crushing at least 6 individuals.  5 of the 6 individuals crushed, including a city licensing & inspection worker, were freed and hospitalized.  Tragically, a veteran firefighter succumbed to his injuries.
This is just the latest preventable tragedy in a long line of recent building fires and collapses in the Philadelphia area.  When building and safety codes are not met, risks of catastrophic fires and collapsing structures increase dramatically.
The result: people die.

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