Media Advisory: Attorney Robert J. Mongeluzzi Available to Discuss Fatal Philadelphia Fire Escape Collapse

Robert J. Mongeluzi, Esq., recognized as one of the nation’s premier litigators in cases involving catastrophic – often fatal – structural failures, is available to discuss the Sunday morning fatal fire escape collapse at a multi-story Rittenhouse Square area apartment building.

“This tragedy clearly raises issues and questions regarding fire escape maintenance and inspections,” said Mr. Mongeluzzi. “Properly maintained and adequately inspected fire escapes simply do not collapse and kill people.”

According to media reports, there were three injured – a 22-year-old man fatally – when the fire escape landing failed at the John C. Bell apartment building, 229 S 22nd Street. There is no indication that the individuals were doing anything other than standing on the structure, just outside a third-floor apartment where they were attending a social gathering.

Mongeluzzi, of Saltz, Mongeluzzi & Bendesky, PC, is currently representing several of the victims of the June 5, 2013, fatal Salvation Army building collapse that claimed six lives. He previously represented the victims in wrongful death litigation resulting from the Tropicana Casino parking garage collapse, the Pier 34 collapse, and the Philadelphia tourist duckboat sinking. He can be reached at 215.850.6571 or

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