Lawyers For Amtrak Derailment Victims Laud Congressional Vote To Lift $200 Million Damages Limit

Lawyers For Amtrak Derailment Victims Laud Congressional Vote To Lift $200 Million Damages Limit

Philadelphia, PA (December 1, 2015) – Trial lawyers Tom Kline and Robert J. Mongeluzzi, whose firms filed the first passenger cases resulting from the deadly May 12th Amtrak Train 188 derailment, are commending members of Congress for voting today to remove the Federal cap that would have limited the total victims’ compensation from the tragedy to $200 million.

Attorney Kline said, “There is no question that today’s landmark vote is welcome news for all those who have horrifically suffered and continue to suffer as a result of the derailment. Raising the outdated cap limit will hopefully help make Amtrak more responsible more fully accountable for the injuries the derailment has caused.” Kline & Specter represents 11 plaintiffs, including two passengers who lost their lives.

“Unfortunately,” stated Mr. Mongeluzzi, “raising the cap to $295 million per single incident doesn’t eliminate or soften the pain suffered by the victims and their families as a result of the derailment. “But by raising the cap, Congress has acknowledged the victims’ suffering and taken an important step toward helping them obtain a financial recovery that will meaningfully help them go on with their lives.” SMB represents 17 passengers who have filed claims, and Kline’s firm represents 11 victims, including two death claims.

Looking forward, the bill also provides for automatic cost-of-living adjustments on a five-year basis. These automatic adjustments will preserve the monetary value of the cap for future victims of railroad disasters.

Attorneys from Saltz, Mongeluzzi & Bendesky, P.C., Kline & Specter, P.C. and other firms representing victims had been actively working with lobbyists from the American Association of Justice to raise the cap, which was previously set by a 1997 Act and was never previously marked for inflation. Numerous passengers who have suffered injuries wrote letters to Congress explaining the horror they endured.

Both Mongeluzzi and Kline thanked the elected officials and staffers in the Senate and House who worked relentlessly to raise the cap over the last several months. They commended the American Association for Justice, which worked tirelessly to support the legislative process and to foster this advancement for civil justice. They especially thank the victims who courageously gave interviews and wrote letters to help convince Congress to provide these additional funds.

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