Lawsuit: Club Risque Shot Girls To Blame For Man’S Drunk-Driving Death

Last September, George T. Fadgen, III, 46, of Philadelphia spent $300 and three hours at Club Risque, then got behind the wheel of his car and flipped over on I-95, according to the his family’s lawyers. Fadgen died on the scene, with a blood alcohol level of .19.

Now, his parents think Club Risque should pay, and have filed a wrongful death complaint in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court. Here’s part of a statement from one of their lawyers, Michael Barrett of the firm Saltz, Mongeluzzi & Bendesky:

“Club Risque, as asserted in the Complaint, broke the law by failing to operate in a lawful manner that would have protected George Fadgen from harm – now it must be held accountable for its actions. ”

Club employees get commissions on every shot poured so there is financial incentive to overlook, as in the case of Mr. Fadgen, a customer who is visibly intoxicated and should be shut off,” explained Mr. Barrett. “With every shot, practically up until the club closed, Mr. Fadgen was one ounce closer to his untimely and preventable death.”

The parents are seeking compensatory and punitive damages, based on their claim that the club was reckless and in violation of state liquor-liability laws.

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