Home’s Where The Clothes Are, Not The Family

ATLANTIC CITY – Joseph and Gilda Milano want to go home.

But because their home is sandwiched between the collapsed parking garage at the Tropicana Casino and Resort and the Brighton Towers complex, authorities won’t let them.

It’s no surprise that the Milanos are anxious to get into their 1897 Georgian-style home. They’ve lived there for decades. They fought and won when the Casino Reinvestment Development wanted to take over the house via eminent domain in 1995.

There is less fear than frustration in Joseph Milano’s voice about what could happen next at the construction site. Officials’ speedy evacuation of the Milanos isn’t translating into a quick demolition.

We’ve been out of there since Thursday. They came in, and it was like Grant taking Richmond, Joseph Milano, 78, of 1 S. Brighton Ave. said Saturday at the scene after asking an Atlantic City police officer whether he could go into the house to get some belongings.

They are being so ridiculous,” Joseph Milano said, throwing his hands in the air. Work at the World Trade Center was 24 hours a day. But these guys have to have their weekends off.”

An added inconvenience is the fashion problem. “We’ve been wearing the same clothes since Thursday;” Milano said.

Gilda Milano, 80, said it sounded like an earthquake when the building crashed down, killing four crewmembers and injuring 20 Thursday morning.

Her husband said he knew what happened. “I knew it was going to come down. The amount of cement being poured was unbelievable.”

Joseph Milano’s brother, Gastone Milano, is an ear, nose and throat doctor. He has rented space from his brother for his office in the basement of the six bedroom home for years. Gastone is also anxious to get back in his office and back to work.

The couple are staying at a relative’s summer home in Margate. They hope to be home by Tuesday. But officials say it’s anyone’s guess how long the project will take to demolish the rest of the garage.

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