Four Construction Workers Seriously Injured in NJ Scaffolding Accident

Four masonry workers were seriously injured Wednesday in a scaffolding collapse in Bordentown Township. The accident caused the construction workers from Camden County-based Ben-Mar Construction to fall 50 feet to the ground.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and township construction officials are investigating the incident.

Robert Mongeluzzi, SMB partner and practice leader of the Firm’s Scaffold Accidents team, reacted to the accident:

“Scaffolds allow construction workers to do their jobs at heights that ladders can’t reach. But just like the buildings the workers are constructing or repairing, the scaffolding must be carefully designed, inspected and maintained to ensure worker safety.

These four workers are victims of the construction industry’s careless attitude when it comes to the risk of serious injury or death from unsafe scaffolding. Collapses like this one are usually caused by faulty construction that makes the scaffold inherently unstable, or because the scaffold was overloaded with building materials.

We pray that the injured workers can make a full recovery from this devastating accident.”

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