For Immediate Release: Statement Regarding Newly Released Fatal Building Collapse Video

Statement regarding newly released fatal building collapse video

Using the video to correlate a photo from across Market Street, it can be proven that the photo
was taken 10 seconds after the collapse and it is clear that the excavator arm is pointed away
from the wall that collapsed. This means it is highly unlikely that the excavator operator did
strike the wall that collapsed.

Instead, the wall failed because it was not properly supported, or braced, in compliance with
OSHA regulations and demolition industry best practices.

PHILADELPHIA, PA (July 19, 2013) – The newly released video from a passing SEPTA bus is
critical in the investigation of the events leading up to the fatal collapse for numerous reasons,
including its independent verification that:

  • There is no excavator arm shown as the wall collapses.
  • The video further substantiates that the failure to properly plan an engineered demolition was
    the responsibility – and the fault – of corporate owners and managers and not lower level
    functionaries who are being blamed by those who were in control from the outset of the project.
  • The video supports the conclusion that this collapse was not caused by an alleged drug crazed
    operator who knocked down the wall that collapsed with a battering ram, but because of the
    actions and inactions of the owner, Salvation Army and City who knew about a looming disaster
    and didn’t prevent it.

Robert J. Mongeluzzi, whose firm represents several victims of the disaster, said after viewing
the video and attending the City Council special demolition process hearing yesterday said,
“There needs to be a full and open disclosure of the events leading up to the building collapse
including the testimony of the owners, Salvation Army representatives and City officials all of
whom were on notice of a tragedy waiting to happen and did not stop it from occurring. Out of
respect for the victims and their families, that cannot happen soon enough.”
The legal team working on the case for Saltz Mongeluzzi, the firm that acted as lead counsel in
the Tropicana collapse, the Pier 34 collapse and the Kimmel Center collapse, also includes Larry
Bendesky, Andrew R. Duffy and Jeffrey Goodman.

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