Family Sues Nursing Home Company Over Alleged Abuse

HAVERFORD, Pa. (CBS) – Lawyers representing a Delaware County family about to sue the company that runs the Quadrangle Nursing Home on Darby Road in Haverford say management “blew off” a state mandate to retrain workers and report any allegations of patient abuse. Three workers face charges of abuse.

Mary McCallister-French and her husband Paul, initially reported allegations of abuse to the Quadrangle. But, management at parent company Sunrise for Senior Living said her mother’s claims were unfounded.

That’s when she says the family, seeing bruising, installed a hidden camera inside a bedside clock, “They are going to have incentive to do the right thing.”

“Maybe the next family that reports it, they’ll do something about it, rather than come back and say it’s her dementia. Then, when you watch the video, especially when it’s somebody you love, it’s even more painful,” Paul says.

Family lawyer Robert Mongeluzzi says their allegations, coupled with a previous consent order to clean up their act, lead the state Department of Public Welfare to revoke its license to run the Quadrangle, “That explains why punitive damages are important.”

Sunrise will be able to continue to operate the Quadrangle, pending its appeal.

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