Counsel for Victims of Building Collapse to Oppose Motion

Counsel for Victims of Building Collapse to Oppose Motion to Delay Civil Litigation; Add Salvation Army as a Defendant

Philadelphia, PA (August 15, 2013) – Attorney Robert J. Mongeluzzi and his firm are vigorously opposing the request filed yesterday by demolition contractor-defendant Griffin Campbell to delay the civil proceedings for at least nine months due to the ongoing Grand Jury investigation into the June 5, 2013 fatal building collapse that killed six people in the Salvation Army Family Store.

“Justice delayed is justice denied and we will fight to prevent additional suffering due to this delaying tactic filed by Campbell’s insurance carrier,” said Mongeluzzi. “There is no question that the civil cases – including those asserting wrongful death – can and should move forward without conflicting with the criminal investigation by the District Attorney and its Grand Jury.”

Mongeluzzi, referring to those cases filed and about to be filed, said that there is now more than sufficient evidence to include the local and national Salvation Army organizations as defendants.

“There is now conclusive evidence based on the recently released string of ‘devastating emails’ between STB Investments, Inc., the adjacent building owner, the Salvation Army, and the City, that the Salvation Army was warned of an impending disaster and problems at the demolition project. “Our complaints will detail the actions – or failure to act – on the part of Salvation Army officials that could have helped spare the lives of those that perished in its building as a result of the collapse. The Salvation Army was not unaware of the danger, but rather engaged in a game of chicken with STB over the demolition and its potential danger. Mongeluzzi noted that in one of the emails the Salvation Army stated that it was acting to “protect their investment” rather than their customers and employees.

Saltz, Mongeluzzi, & Bendesky, PC filed the first of several civil actions resulting from the mid-morning collapse at 22nd and Market St.

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