Building-Collapse, Safety-Advocate Attorneys Available to Discuss Boston Lethal Parking Structure Demolition

Leading construction demolition attorneys and safety advocates from Saltz Mongeluzzi & Bendesky P.C. are available to discuss the catastrophic incident at an active Boston construction site that resulted in the death of a demolition-equipment operator working on the ninth floor of the building.

Attorney Robert J. Mongeluzzi, a national authority on all phases of construction, demolition and structural safety, said on behalf of SMB, “We are deeply sorry for the senseless loss of life in the partial collapse of the Boston parking structure mid-demolition. Our condolences to the family and friends of the equipment operator whose safety should have been assured, especially working in a highly dangerous environment – the ninth floor of a structure being demolished. The scenes of this tragedy – including the pancaked parking decks – are eerily similar to past disasters in which innocent lives were lost in what were eventually determined to be predicable and preventable disasters.”

SMB’s Andrew R. Duffy, added,

“From the standpoint of worker and public safety, meticulously designed and implemented demolitions should never result in an incident of this magnitude. To avoid a recurrence, there must be full accountability and transparency by all those involved.”

SMB is widely recognized for successfully representing victims of catastrophic structural failures in the US and abroad; the firm is currently among the lead plaintiffs’ counsel in last year’s Surfside high-rise condominium collapse near Miami that resulted in nearly 100 deaths, and previously represented families of loved ones killed in the Atlantic City Tropicana Parking Garage Collapse and the Philadelphia Salvation Army Building Collapse. The firm has the largest verdict for an individual construction worker ($75.6 million), the largest settlement of a demolition  case ($227 million) and the largest settlement of a construction case ($101 million) and has recovered more than a billion dollars for construction workers. The firm has been called “the best construction accident lawyers in the country” and Mongeluzzi has been called  the best construction accident attorney in the world and “the king of construction accidents.”


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