An A.C. Tragedy

This image will be seared in the memories of many in Atlantic City: the jagged, sloping, pancaked floors of a parking garage that had held hundreds of construction workers before five stories collapsed suddenly Thursday morning.

It may take months to determine the exact cause of the collapse of Tropicana Casino and Resort’s garage, which was under construction as part of the casino hotel’s massive “The Quarter” development. But it took only a few moments to understand the depth of the tragedy – and the heroic efforts to save the workers trapped in the unstable building.

City and state police and rescue teams, emergency personnel and construction workers themselves, who helped during the initial phases of the rescue, responded quickly and professionally.

Heartening, too, was the response of so many who rushed to the scene in an effort to help – so many, in fact, that police had to put out the word through the media that outside help was unneeded.

The construction unions that have built Atlantic City face dangers every day that the public often doesn’t recognize until such a tragedy occurs. We can only offer sympathy and support to the families of the dead and injured – and hope that the Occupational Health and Safety Administration uncovers the reason for this terrible event so that other families do not have to experience a similar tragedy.

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