A Letter To The Editor – April 2009

Michael F. BarrettI have been a trial lawyer in Philadelphia for almost 25 years and feel compelled to respond to Herb Lipson’s recent negative comments regarding the judicial and legal systems in our city [Off the Cuff, February]. Mr. Lipson contends that in this regard, “nothing, in this city, ever changes,” and suggests that case-fixing happens all the time. I can assure you that my experience and that of the thousands of lawyers and hundreds of judges who practice in our city is contrary to Mr. Lipson’s description. I continue to marvel at the high level of skill and integrity with which Philadelphia lawyers practice and judges administer justice. There can be no question that in Pennsylvania, the most fair justice and its most efficient administration occur in the state and federal courts here in Philadelphia.

Michael F. Barrett
President Philadelphia
Trial Lawyers Association

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