6 Injured Following an Explosion and Two-Alarm Fire at a Home in Chester County

According to news outlets, six people were injured in a reported explosion and fire at a house in Chester County in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Although first responders were on scene within a minute of feeling the explosion, it sparked a raging two-alarm fire that severely damaged several sections of the Coatesville home and injured six family members.  Per reports, three victims were medevacked from the scene, while two others required EMS transport to area hospitals.  Authorities have not yet said what may have sparked the explosion and fire.

SMB has successfully litigated numerous explosion and defective product cases that have caused fires that devastated family homes and seriously injured residents.  It is crucial to have these cases investigated immediately to determine the cause and origin of the fire and to preserve critical evidence.  SMB has an extensive history of filing lawsuits in house fire cases and holding the responsible parties accountable.

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