$13 Million Settlement With National Freight Carrier After Runaway Tractor-trailer Kills 56-year-old Mother and Seriously Injures Her 22-year-old Son Awaiting Roadside Assistance in Lancaster County

Lancaster, PA (November 6, 2019)—Attorney Robert N. Braker, of Saltz, Mongeluzzi & Bendesky, P.C., has recovered – through pre-complaint mediation – a combined $13 million from a national trucking company for the estate of a 56-year-old Pennsylvania mother and her severely injured 22-year-old son after the mother’s car, legally parked along the highway shoulder with its hazard lights flashing, was struck by a runaway tractor-trailer whose fatigued driver had fallen asleep.

According to police, the victims were sitting in the car while they waited for a roadside assistance truck to help change a flat tire on the son’s disabled car. Police said the exhausted tractor driver just fell asleep just before his rig plowed into the car on Route 283 near Route 772 in Lancaster County, resulting in the death of the mother and causing multiple serious injuries, including fractures, a pulmonary contusion and concussion to her son, who was an apprentice carpenter at the time.

According to consulting forensic physician Dr. Gene Salkind, the young man is unable to resume work as a carpenter due to the extent of his injuries sustained in the 2018 incident. Before resolving the case through mediation and the efforts of the Hon. James Melinson, Mr. Braker also retained the services of Steven Gumerman, Ph.D., a vocational expert and economist, Andrew Verzilli, and Vansha Desai, who calculated future medical costs. SMB Attorney Matthew A. Grubman worked alongside Mr. Braker on the matter. The identities of the parties are confidential as a condition of the settlement.

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