What To Consider if You Are Injured in an Accident in a Foreign Country

If you or a loved one suffered an accident while on vacation or travelling in a foreign country, it can be confusing to understand what, if any, rights you may have to hold the liable party accountable. There are vast differences between the legal systems of the United States and other countries, and in most cases, you will want to file your lawsuit in the United States if possible. SMB attorneys are available to help you determine whether you have a claim, and determine whether you may have the right to file your claim in an American Court of law.

Even where the injury occurred overseas, the facts of your accident may be connected with the United States in ways that you are unaware of, and you may be able to seek recovery in the US Courts. If you were a guest at a foreign resort or on a foreign guided tour, there may be American companies that were involved in causing your accident. Many foreign resorts are managed or operated by American companies, in an effort to appeal to American tourists. Likewise, if you were a passenger on a cruise ship, the operator may have been obligated to comply with American or international laws and standards that can be enforced in American Courts, even if the ship travelled to international destinations. In other cases, your injuries may have been caused by a defective product that was designed or manufactured in the United States. In these and other situations, it is possible that the parties associated with your accident may be held accountable in American Courts.

Finally, it is important to understand that your time to file a lawsuit for an overseas accident may be limited to a shorter period than you would otherwise be entitled to in the United States. Even if you can file your claim in an American Court, a foreign statute of limitations may require you to file your claim within 6 months or sooner after the accident occurred. It is therefore important to contact an experienced attorney quickly if you think that you may have a case arising from an accident in a foreign county

Before you hire an attorney to represent you for any overseas accident, make sure that your attorney has the experience and expertise to properly represent you and investigate all potential claims. You must ensure that your attorney has the expertise and experience to aggressively investigate your claim to identify all potential sources of recovery, and pursue your claim to the fullest extent possible.

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