Loss of Consortium Claims Mean Spouse Can Be Compensated For Loss of Services and Companionship

Most people know that if you suffer injuries in an accident, you have the ability to bring a claim to seek compensation for those injuries.  What most people do not know, however, is that in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the spouse of somebody who is injured or killed also has their own claim for damages that is separate and apart from the injured party’s claim.

This is called a loss of consortium claim (or a “per quod” claim in New Jersey) and it recognizes the fact that a spouse is legally entitled to compensation for the loss of services and companionship of their injured spouse.  Some of the services a spouse can recover include: housework, home maintenance, childcare, yard work, cleaning, cooking, and the like.  A spouse is also entitled to seek damages for any inability to be intimate with their partner or any negative effect on the marriage flowing from the injuries sustained by their spouse.  The type and extent of damages varies greatly depending on what the injured person provided to their spouse and the nature of their relationship, and these factors are unique and highly specific to the parties who have suffered damages.

If your spouse has been injured because of somebody else’s negligence, you may have your own claim due to your status as their spouse.  Contact our team of lawyers to help ensure that you and your loved one recover all the damages you are entitled to under the law.

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