Institutions that Harm

Sexual Abuse by a teacher, coach, hospital personnel, detention officer, group or residential home worker, mental healthcare facility worker, and/or other employee from a facility or institution is more than just a crime – it is a preventable tragedy!

Pennsylvania’s laws hold institutions responsible for injuries caused by employees in certain circumstances where it failed to properly screen, train, and supervise their employees. A responsible school, facility, or other institution should:

  1. be performing thorough background investigations into anyone they intend to employ;
  2. properly training all employees on how to protect residents, patients, or inmates, including how to recognize the signs of sexual abuse; and
  3. having clear and transparent ways for the clientele they serve to report sexual and physical abuse.

When it does not, the institution may be liable for the harm and trauma they caused you. If an institution has failed you or a loved one, please contact one of our sexual abuse attorneys and let us investigate whether the facility can be held liable for pain.

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