How to Have Productive First Meeting with Your Attorney

Once you have contacted an attorney to discuss your case and arranged for a meeting, there are some things you can do to ensure that your meeting is as productive as possible.

1 – Be prepared to tell your potential attorney everything

Even before you sign paperwork to retain your attorney, in your initial meeting you will be entitled to attorney-client privilege. This privilege will remain even if you decide to go with a different attorney. You should feel comfortable telling your potential attorney everything about your history, your accident and your treatment, knowing you are entitled to full privilege and confidentiality.

2 – Bring all relevant documents

It is important to bring everything you have related to the incident. Accident reports, medical records, OSHA documents will all assist you in explaining what happened and help your attorney figure out where to start looking for evidence

3 – Refresh your own memory

Prior to the meeting, review the documents you have. Try to remember everything you can about the incident. You should think not just about what happened, but also who was there and who could help verify facts surrounding your accident.

4 – Be prepared with your own questions

Representation is a two way street. Prior to the meeting, consider whether you have any of your own questions about the process. It is fine to jot them down so that you do not forget by the time you get to the meeting.

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