Effects of Hearing Loss May Be Life Altering

Every year, millions of Americans sustain traumatic injuries that cause them to suffer a full or partial loss of hearing. Symptoms of hearing loss may include a partial loss of hearing in one or both ears, and may be limited to specific frequencies.

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic loss of hearing, you may not notice a distinguishable loss in hearing at first. You may think that the symptoms are only temporary, and only become aware of the severity of the loss over time as the symptoms get progressively worse. Some people affected by traumatic hearing loss may also suffer from tinnitus—a perceived uncontrollable ringing in the ears.

While hearing loss and tinnitus may not appear outwardly as obvious as other severe injuries, their effects are no less life altering to the people who are affected. People affected by hearing loss and/or tinnitus may suffer from an inability or reduced ability to work, go to school, drive, take care of themselves, or take care of loved ones. Even mild symptoms of traumatic hearing loss can place a severe strain on victims’ family and personal lives. The effects of hearing loss and tinnitus are closely associated with depression, embarrassment, insomnia, societal detachment, and other life-altering conditions.

SMB attorneys understand the complex subtleties presented by cases involving traumatic hearing loss. Their experience ensures that you or your loved one will obtain the maximum recovery and that nothing is overlooked. SMB has a proven track record of obtaining large verdicts and settlements for our clients, including several large claims involving hearing loss.

Our experienced and well-versed attorneys are able to assist if you or a loved one has suffered a loss of hearing as the result of a traumatic injury. Our attorneys work with audiologists and medical providers who understand how to treat such injuries. SMB has the resources and experience to present the complex intricacies of proving that someone with mild, moderate or severe hearing loss is severely and permanently injured, even if they may look well on the outside.

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