Settlement With National Freight Carrier After Runaway Tractor-trailer Hits Car Awaiting Roadside Assistance

SMB obtained a $13 million settlement from a national trucking company for a 56-year-old mother and 22-year-old son who were struck by a tractor-trailer after their vehicle pulled off on the shoulder of Route 283 in Lancaster County, PA.

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After getting a flat tire, the Plaintiffs were sitting on the shoulder of the road with their hazard lights on waiting for a tow truck to arrive.  As they waited for the tow truck, Defendant’s tractor-trailer driver who had fallen asleep for several seconds left the roadway and crashed into the Plaintiffs’ vehicle. The mother died six days later due to the injuries she sustained in the accident.  The son, who was training to be a carpenter, was also seriously injured and was rendered disabled as a result of the accident. SMB retained several renowned experts, including a neurosurgeon, vocational expert, and economist. SMB was able to settle the case before filing a lawsuit and within one year of the tragic accident.

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