Train Derailment at Amusement Park Sends 7 People to Hospital

A train at an amusement park in Branson, Missouri derailed on Wednesday sending seven people to the hospital.

The extent of the victims’ injuries remains unknown at this time. The train, known as the Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train, is supposed to bring guests on an enjoyable 20-minute scenic ride through the Missouri countryside and has been in operation since 1962. Instead of a fun and leisurely ride, guests were subject to a nightmare scenario. In the middle of the ride, the train suddenly derailed. Three of the train cars flipped completely on their side.  Some of the wheels from the flipped cars remained attached to the tracks and were completely detached from the railcars that had flipped.  The attorneys at SMB remain hopeful that no one was catastrophically injured.

While train derailments and amusement park accidents do occur, they are almost always entirely preventable. All too often, appropriate safety measures are not taken which can lead to dangerous accidents on trains and on other rides at amusement parks. There is no question that this accident should have never occurred.

SMB has handled dozens of train track accidents across the country, and has led the country’s largest litigations against Amtrak. SMB secured a record-setting $265M for the victims of the Philadelphia Amtrak crash, significant settlements for victims of other crashes, and currently represents the victims of the Montana Amtrak disaster. SMB has also handled cases on behalf of injured amusement park guests.

The attorneys at SMB will continue to fight to make sure that events like this do not happen again.

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