Robert J. Mongeluzzi Statement on Behalf of Client-Victims Following Ex-Nurse James Close Sex-Crimes Guilty Plea

PHILADELPHIA, PA (August 4, 2017) – “Vulnerable victims of Nurse James Close have now heard him plead guilty to violating their privacy and breaching the sacred trust between a caregiver and patient,” trial attorney Robert J. Mongeluzzi said today after Close pled guilty to secretly videotaping his patients. “The full measure of justice, however, for him will come only after an appropriate criminal sentence is imposed.”

Mr. Mongeluzzi, of Saltz, Mongeluzzi & Bendesky, P.C., said after Close’s guilty plea that one of his client-victims – a 17-year-old – attended the hearing with her parents to bear witness as the former Penn Medicine dermatology practice nurse admitted his guilt. “She is a courageous young woman who, like the other victims, had her trust violated and traumatized by this criminal.” Mongeluzzi added, “the victims have asked us to conduct a full investigation to discover how the systemic failure of the medical system allowed this to repeatedly occur and to ensure it never happens again.”

Mr. Mongeluzzi along with co-counsel Adam Pantano of SMB now represent three former patients of Close. Besides the teenager, the others are in their 50s and 60s.

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