North Philadelphia Apartment Building Evacuated After Partial Collapse

The 7 story Lindley Tower building was evacuated Wednesday morning after a partial collapse.

The 7th floor buckled, dropping a massive pile of bricks from the building’s exterior to the sidewalk below. About 100 residents were reportedly evacuated from the building though fortunately no injuries have been reported.

City Inspectors have deemed the building unsafe and issued violations to the owners. The building will require immediate evaluation from an engineer. The displaced residents will not be permitted into their apartments until the city “has assurances from the engineer that it is safe.” So far, the cause of the partial collapse has not been revealed.

Thankfully no one was injured as of Wednesday afternoon. Many building residents in other collapses haven’t been so lucky. This is yet another example of why owners, managers, builders and inspectors must adhere to strict construction standards. SMB has represented catastrophically injured clients when buildings have collapsed including the Markey Street collapse in 2013, the Surfside Condo collapse in Miami in 2021, and the Tropicana garage collapse in 2003 among others.

The building collapse attorneys at Saltz Mongeluzzi & Bendesky are standing by and available for commentary as the situation develops.

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