The Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC)

The Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC) attempts to protect workers, occupants and patrons of structures throughout the state from unnecessary harm or hazard.

The UCC is administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry.

The UCC applies to the construction, alteration, repair, movement, equipment, removal, demolition, location, maintenance, occupancy or change of occupancy of every building or structure which occurs on or after April 9, 2004, and all existing structures that are not legally occupied. The UCC sets minimum construction standards for structures throughout the state. Despite disparities between various municipalities, the UCC attempts to create uniform standards for safety and health throughout the process and after the building of new construction.

UCC regulations include: materials and methods of construction, positions and number of ingress and egress, safety and health inspections of structures, plumbing, electricity, energy, and accessibility.

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