Vehicle Accidents

Despite the increase in safety features in passenger vehicles, crashes involving cars, SUVs, and trucks continue to be a major public safety issue. Over 37,000 drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are killed in U.S. vehicle accidents each year, with about 1,200 annual fatalities occurring in Pennsylvania and another 600 in New Jersey.

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SMB has successfully handled well over a thousand cases involving motor vehicle accidents. We represent victims of car, SUV, truck and motorcycle accidents, including drivers, passengers, and third parties such as cyclists and pedestrians.

SMB’s team of vehicle accident lawyers skillfully handle accidents caused by:

  • Improper, careless, and reckless driving behavior
  • Alcohol consumption, including those arising from reckless servers of alcoholic beverages
  • Faulty vehicle design or maintenance
  • Poorly designed, constructed, or maintained roads guardrails

Unmatched Results

SMB has secured numerous multimillion verdicts and settlements for our clients, including:

  • $6,630,000 verdict for a van operator struck by a bus while unloading her passenger’s luggage at Philadelphia International Airport
  • $2,650,000 settlement for a motorcyclist permanently disabled with a brain injury, back and nerve pain, and vision problems after a commercial vehicle swerved into her turnpike lane
  • $75,000,000 verdict for construction worker struck by drunk driver and rendered quadriplegic
  • $20,000,000 settlement of bad claim against insurer that refused to pay policy limit to tavern in dram shop case involving drunk driver
  • $10,000,000 settlement for driver who suffered catastrophic injuries, including a leg amputation, after being struck by truck that ran red light
  • $8,000,000 settlement for road construction worker catastrophically injured, including a leg amputation, when run over by concrete truck
  • $6,300,000 settlement for construction surveyor who suffered catastrophic injuries when run over by pickup truck
  • $4,400,000 settlement for three victims of drunk driving accident (including one fatality) caused by restaurant that served intoxicated driver
  • $4,300,000 settlement for family of father killed in vehicle accident caused by intoxicated salesman driving car during a test-drive

Unmatched Experience

SMB understands the complex mechanical and physical factors that contribute to vehicle accidents. Our investigations include:

  • Comprehensive depositions of all drivers, passengers, and witnesses
  • In-depth analyses to determine the relative roles played by driver error, defective vehicles, and road and weather conditions
  • Biomechanical analysis to determine what happened to an injured driver or passenger during the crash sequence, and how that data is explainable by the accident’s causes

In addition to the Firm’s expertise, we also use independent accident reconstruction experts to accurately simulate how an accident occurred through the use of hi-tech, three-dimensional animations and graphics. These powerful trial tools often convince insurance companies to offer significant settlements and juries to award high-value verdicts.

Unmatched Compensation

SMB casts a wide net for possible defendants in every vehicle accident we handle. Potentially liable parties include other passenger car drivers, commercial truck drivers and their employers, vehicle and parts manufacturers, establishments that sell liquor, and state and local governments that design and maintain roadways. SMB works tenaciously to help you get all the compensation to which you may be entitled—including compensation for pain and suffering, emotional trauma, past, and future medical expenses, lost income, and future earnings.

If you have been injured, or a family member has been injured or killed as a result of a motor vehicle accident, SMB is committed to obtaining all the results you need and deserve.

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