First Party Medical benefits in Pennsylvania

In regards to medical payments for an automobile accident, Pennsylvania is a “no-fault” State.  This means that the automobile insurance company of the injured person pays for that individual’s medical benefits regardless of who was at fault for the accident.  This system ensures that individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents have their medical bills paid without worrying about insurance companies fighting over who was at fault for the accident.

In Pennsylvania, first party medical benefits (also known as “Personal Injury Protection Benefits”) coverage through an automobile insurance carrier is primary.  This means that when you are involved in an automobile accident, your automobile insurance carrier will pay your medical bills before your health insurance carrier pays any bills.

Further, medical providers are required to accept payments made by your automobile insurance carrier for first party medical benefits as payment in full. Accordingly, there should be no co-pays or balances associated with medical treatment paid for by your automobile carrier in Pennsylvania.

There are countless complications, nuances and complexities to first-party medical benefits coverage in Pennsylvania and the above merely discusses the very basics.

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