Partial Condo Collapse Overnight in Florida

One dead and at least eight injured in a partial building collapse at a Miami area condo complex.

A massive search and rescue operation is underway near Miami Beach after a high-rise residential building partially collapsed. At least one person has been killed, while emergency workers are racing against time to save other victims.
A safely constructed and properly maintained building does not collapse on its own. The destruction caused by today’s devastating collapse was completely preventable. The parties responsible for failing to protect the residents of the Champlain Towers Building must be held accountable to ensure another disaster like this never happens again.
Bob Mongeluzzi, Esq., of the law firm Saltz Mongeluzzi & Bendesky has more complex building collapse experience than any attorney in the United States. Mr. Mongeluzzi is standing by and available for comment as this tragic situation develops.

The structural collapse attorneys at Saltz Mongeluzzi & Bendesky are standing by and available for commentary as the situation develops.

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