$10.2 Million Settlement in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Saltz Mongeluzzi & Bendesky attorneys Larry Bendesky, Robert Zimmerman, Jordan Howell and Sam Dordick have secured a $10.2 million settlement against several defendants resulting from a tragic construction accident on a bridge project in Pennsylvania.

SMB represented the family of an iron worker who was killed when the operations on the bridge caused a burst of hydraulic oil to strike the worker in the chest. The blast force knocked the worker off of his working platform that was located over 100 feet above the bridge’s surface.

SMB was hired to represent the family within days, and inspected the above ground work site with experts almost one week after incident. SMB utilized drone footage and an aeronautic flyover of the incident scene, as well as 3D image scanning of the work area and metallurgical testing and analysis at a controlled laboratory of the job site equipment. SMB’s trial team deposed over 40 witnesses related to the construction operations, the worksite’s safety plan, and the products involved in the accident. SMB retained six separate experts to investigate and evaluate the work and fall protection plans, the material composition of the products at issue, the warnings and instructions that accompanied the products, and the circumstances related to the death.

The settlement funds will be placed into a trust for the benefit and assistance of the worker’s young daughter.

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